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Flowers’s & Good Luck Plant’s Care Tips

Care Tips For Fresh Flowers & Good Luck Plants

“Flowers & Bamboo Plants do breathe & they do live and its upon you, how much you want them to live? Well, most floral arrangements lasts for 2 to 5 days or longer, & 2 months to 2 years Good Luck Bamboo Plants, all depending on the care they receive. “

✔ The DO’s: (For Flowers)


Changing The Water In Your Flower Arrangement :


For Floral Arrangements :


For Floral Bunches :


✘ The DON’T’s: (For Flowers)


For Feng-Shui Good Luck Bamboo Plants :

✔ The DO’s: (Feng-Shui Good Luck Bamboo Plants)


✘ The DON’T’s: (Feng-Shui Good Luck Bamboo Plants)

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